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Light coloured to nearly white sapwood, light brown to streaked yellow heartwood. Generally straight grained. Greater degree of lighter sapwood in southern grown lumber. Used for furniture, flooring, high-class joinery. tools sports and turnery.


Timber is reddish brown and far coarser than European. Straight grained with even texture .Used for furniture, flooring turnery and interior joinery.


Heartwood varies from rich red to reddish brown and darkens on exposure. Sapwood is creamy white. Has a fine straight grain and smooth texture. Can contain small gum pockets and brown pith flecks. Uses, furniture and cabinet work, high-class joinery, kitchens and moulding.

Douglas Fir

Slight pale yellow to reddish brown in colour. coastal grown timber generally lighter than from mountainous regions. Mainly used for internal and external joinery.


Slight pale yellow very straight grained. Mainly used in door construction, internal and external joinery.


Pale yellow-brown heartwood. Straight to irregular or interlocked grain. Fairly coarse and uneven texture used for furniture, interior and exterior joinery.


Golden-orange to in colour. Interlocked and sometimes irregular grain .Rather coarse but even texture .Used for boat building, interior and exterior joinery, laboratory benches, furniture, decking and marine work.


Light to deep reddish brown heartwood. Grain straight to interlocked, moderately coarse textured. Moderately durable and used for furniture, interior and exterior joinery, office, and bank fittings.


Greyish white sapwood with light to dark reddish brown heartwood. Usually straight grained. Used for furniture, panelling, interior joinery and mouldings. Can be stained to resemble cherry and used as a beech sub substitute.

Meranti, dark red

Medium to dark red brown. Interlocked grain with coarse texture. Moderately durable to durable. Mainly used for interior and exterior joinery.

Oak, European

Yellowish brown. Generally straight grain but varying with growth condition. Durable heartwood used for furniture, flooring, interior and exterior joinery. Lower grades used for fencing and gates.

U.S redwood, softwood

Yellowish in colour with some knots. Generally used throughout .Used for construction ,skirting ,architraves, windows ,doors furniture.

Pine, southern yellow

White to yellowish sapwood, yellow to reddish-brown heartwood. High density gives it natural strength, weight and wearing resistance. Used for construction ,furniture and joinery.


Medium to dark reddish-brown heartwood. Interlocked or wavy grain with fairly fine texture. Used for furniture, interior and exterior joinery, solid doors and flooring.


Uniform golden brown colour without markings .Grain is straight to wavy .Coarse textured, and oily. Stable and durable .Used for boat building, decking and garden furniture, interior and exterior joinery, furniture and cabinet making.

Walnut American black

Rich dark brown to purplish-black heartwood. Mostly straight grained with coarse texture. Works well .Very durable, mainly used for furniture and cabinet work, high-class joinery ,floors. panelling and gunstocks.

Western red cedar

Light sapwood to reddish brown heartwood. Straight grained and easy to work. Main uses are for shingles, exterior claddings and weather boarding.

Wood is a natural material, variations in colour should be expected.